Time is Luck


Still Smile.

Well I’ve been gone for a while at least from blogging and I think its time I catch you up on what my reality looks like today. I now live in a world where I can choose how I play out my days from beginning to end. I’m able to make early meetings, travel freely and concentrate on what I feel is important.

I know I write about pushing forward, following your dreams and always trust that your destiny isn’t far away. Yea I’m still that same girl but now I’ve acquired a little more wisdom. You definitely have to have drive, determination and consistency in order to grab onto your purpose. I have been praying the same prayer for years which was for God to take me to the next level in my career. A couple of months ago he did! It feels like it happened in a blink, one day I woke up to a whole new life with new places, new people and new territory to conquer.
A new level but I also had to gain a new perspective on life. Finding new strategies while leaving old habits behind has been my everyday reality. When you ask God to do something in your life you should take into consideration that their will be a sacrifice involved. You can’t continue to elevate without having to make some adjustments in your life. Being faced with life changing decisions back to back have been difficult for me. But I had to ask myself how much will I sacrifice for success. I have taken away comfortability of a life I’ve created for myself and it has been very hard for me to give up a world that I felt peace.
I’m a true work in progress just like many of you. I make mistakes all the time and sometimes wish that I can change them. But with time continuing to move I have learned to accept life for what it truly is. Life is time full of moments, memories and mess. Life is what you decide to do with your time. Will you write that book that’s been on your heart? Will you start that business you believe that others can benefit from? Will you tell the person who you think about when you first open your eyes that you love them? What will you do with the time given to you to build your life?
I try to use my time to stay focused, dedicated and giving to those around me. Adjusting to my new life is still a battle but I never back down from a challenge and I won’t start now. Your purpose helps write the story of others and that should be enough to help you spend your time wisely.


Who said you can’t work at the pool?


I’ve been eating ya’ll..can you tell?


Just because.

Water brings me peace in my storm.


Victory is MINE!

Isn’t it crazy to be moving in the direction of your destiny but not understand where your going at the same time? I always hear so much about living in your purpose, walking towards your destiny and my new favorite live your best life. But what does all that truly mean and how do we really know if we are headed in the right direction?

Here’s some tips I’ve learned!!! Whenever you have conflict or confusion happening in your life when your trying to build on your purpose that’s a sign that your right on track. Their will always be an obstacle that will try to stop you or better yet pause you long enough for you to stop believing in yourself. But in my season of conflict I learned to feed myself with nothing but positive vibes. Meaning books, music, people and even giving encouraging words to myself. It’s very important to stay on task when conflict happens.

I am not the most fearless person and yes I have my doubts like the rest of you. But I promised myself that no matter what comes my way with God I’m victorious!

We Are victorious!

Is this what unbothered looks like?

Peace is priceless.

Girl you better soak up that sun🌞🌞🌞

Even on my worst day I try to SMILE😁

What do you do?

When you know you can be great at something but you have limitations that you may or may not be able to control?

What do you do when no one in your family understands you and make comments that you really don’t need to hear?

When your bank account doesn’t allow you to create the ideas that haunt you in your brain?

When you can’t sleep at night and your crying out to God wondering if your going crazy?

I’m over it, and I’m trying to hold on to what God has told me. But how much more do I have to take? I’m out of answers.

What do you do?

Take A Nap


Don’t sleep on US….

I couldn’t tell you the last time I took a nap. I mean picture this, its the middle of the day your stretched out on the couch and sleep for more than 15 minutes. Like where does that happen???!!
Growing up I lived to take naps, I was always sleeping for some reason. As I started to grow up with gaining more responsibility and drive naps started to become non existent. So your probably asking why is naps so important to me to write a blog about it. Well its not necessarily the nap itself its more of what it represents. The thought of being able to sleep lightly or briefly, especially during the day made me realize how much this was lacking in my day to day life. But I related my nap to something more meaningful like giving my body, mind and spirit a rest more so than just sleeping.
I am the person who runs non stop, always having something to accomplish. Yes, I do make my own schedule and goals so you would think I would have more periods of rest in my life. The reality is I don’t make enough time for rest usually and I’m pretty sure neither do you. We live in a society that is GO, GO, GO and if your not moving it means your not working. I was a believer of this mentality until today after I woke up from my nap. I felt rested, clear minded and even more ready to check off the goals I’ve set for myself for the week. We have to start giving our bodies rest and realize that our destinies won’t move past us just because we take a break. The purpose God has given us is just that OUR PURPOSE. This means no matter how much sleep we loose or gain no one can take what is ordained for us.
Yes its sometimes scary to take a break from work with the thought of time moving or someone surpassing us. If we just take a second to pause and see how far we’ve come and have true clarity of where we’re headed then resting will be easier. As I continue on this journey of entrepreneurship and purpose living I have promised myself to take more time to relax. Now don’t get me wrong I am still working and building but I can rest peacefully knowing that my best days are yet ahead of me.
Challenge Time: I challenge you to take more naps and not just the physical ones. Take some mental and spiritual naps as well, give your body the release it needs in order to become the person your called to be. By taking time throughout your day to pray, meditate or just turn off your phone for 30 minutes can make all the difference.

Always Laughing with this one!

Just 2 women..making moves.


We all have places to go and people to see! We live in an society that we are all important and trying to make money moves. But it makes me wonder what type of meetings are we having and what benefits are they giving us in our lives. As I researched meetings I found that the six different types of meetings can be broken down even in our personal lives as well as business

  • Status Update Meetings- Check your status of where you are in life and reflect on how far you’ve come. Making sure you don’t forget how to go over your check list of relationships and what role they are playing in your life. Are you flourishing through this relationship or circumstance or are you drowning in the boardroom. Try not to become so consumed with meetings and ignore the reason why your meeting. Check who, what, how and why and even where your meeting!
  • Information Sharing Meetings- When gathering with like-minded individuals this can be an amazing experience. To be able to share thoughts, ideas, goals and purpose with others is very powerful. but ask yourself who are you sharing with? Whose receiving information that contains your ideas or your next move? Be mindful of who your sharing information with. Aligning your life with God’s plan will bring the right people into your life to trust information sharing.
  • Decision Making Meetings- Building a company/brand their are always decisions to make. We all have to make small and big decisions on a day to day basis. Making the correct choices has a lot to do with how clear can you see the end result. I try to make decisions with three things in mind. I ask myself do I feel peace in this choice? Do I have clarity in this situation and does my purpose align with my choice?
  • Problem Solving Meetings- Problem solving can be a problem all in itself. We are faced with issues daily where we have to figure out a solution to at least get us through today. Knowing the facts of a problem and determining where or how it came about can help with solving a problem. But the reality is life happens and sometimes we aren’t equipped to solve every problem. Meeting and talking it through can ease the problem solving process.
  • Innovation Meetings- Breaking through any situation or obstacle in life will always come with new challenges but also new perspectives. Gaining new ideas, plans or goals all can take place in an innovation meeting. 
  • Team Building Meetings- Having a team is essential when building anything in life. Working around people who believe and share like goals helps build your character. Its important to know that you can lead a team but even more important to know how to serve with one.

Every meeting you encounter will be for different reasons, have different outcomes and accomplish different goals. Realizing what type of meetings your in and why can help you gain the most out of each sit down. Don’t just meet just to meet….we all have meetings so make them worth while!!!!!!!!!


The Mezzanine


Mezzanine (MEZ) -a low story between two others in a building, typically between the ground and first floors. 

Being in a space where you feel trapped, unable to move, think or plan your next step can be very difficult. Those low moments where you can’t speak to anyone or express the emotions your going through can be heartbreaking. What happens when your perfect plan doesn’t work out? What happens when people you love can’t love you back the same? What do you do when your life is moving forward but you can’t see your feet moving? What happens when your living in the mezzanine?

I can be honest enough to say that I’ve been there and found out how real life can be. When your only focus is to conquer a goal or walk into the destiny you know you were called to we can find ourselves in a unknown space. Even though being right in the middle of going to the next dimension can be scary, tough and lonely. When your going through this situation its very important to find your peace with in it. Give yourself time and patience to walk through the test knowing your coming out stronger. Moments in the MEZ can be a time to learn more about yourself. Understanding who you are in this season means far more than trying to figure out the why. 

Being in the middle of your breakthrough is exciting but very unsure. Your not at the ground level any more and yet your not at the top floor. You are right where you need to be and its essential that you take the time to be present in the mez. When you finally arrive to the next level in your life all the lessons you’ve learned within this struggle will eventually show its meaning. 


I’m a boss with 6 inch heels!!


Cafe La Mom


Silence is never the answer!




Wait let me flip my hair!




Enter your destiny with boldness.


Crossing my fingers!



Well Helloooo!!! I have missed you all these couple of weeks. I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like to lately but I’m back and its Monday. Monday means new week and meeting our goals!!

I keep seeing on social media especially Instagram people using the caption #livingmybestlife. But what does that statement truly mean? Well for me I think it means when your blessed to live the life that God has planned for you. When your at a point in life where you can continue to grow, elevate, prosper and sustain the world and people that surrounds you. I believe that living in your truth and not letting today’s mistakes, uncertainties, doubt or insecurities determine our tomorrow’s defines our best life.

I want to leave you with this thought this week. Determine what your best life resembles to you and then start truly striving for that person that lives there. We can’t live out our best lives until we first become our best selves. 


Standards Rising Daily


I like the woman I’m becoming! 


You only need 1


Walk by faith not by sight!


Stay tuned!